NJH Transportation Logistics Inc. thrives from the desire of having the best customer service, knowing the client's satisfaction is always the bottom line. NJH makes every customer experience unique as services and rates are customized to each client’s specific needs.

You Benefit from NJH’s Buying Power

The more happy and satisfied customers NJH services, the more money you save!  Each rate is dependent on volume negotiation with NJH’s vendors. These lower freight costs will give you a competitive edge over your competitors by added savings through transportation costs.

By accepting electronic banking or direct deposit, NJH will arrange a fee schedule allowing you the convenience to only worry about sending one payment, covering all of your freight bills during the monthly or bi-weekly period.

Freight Auditing

The experienced team at NJH is responsible for auditing every carrier invoice and all of its accompanying documentation. NJH checks that each invoice number, G/L code, and BOL is accurate to ensure the correct party is being invoiced.

Carrier Dispute Management

By taking care of all of the Claims Handling, NJH will save you time and disputes with carriers. NJH will ensure prompt and accurate claims handling, helping you avoid any unnecessary delays. NJH has expertise dealing with carriers and will follow up on your claims to make sure that you are reimbursed for all Freight Audit and Billing errors. NJH’s Audit Savings are 100 per cent in your favour.

Proprietary Software to Manage Account Digitally

NJH is fully EDI capable and has a proprietary software system designed specifically for NJH to meet its customer’s needs. This program provides real-time status updates of transactions, enabling NJH the ability to make decisions quickly when needed, increasing the responsiveness of an order.  NJH’s Freight Tracing Capability will provide you updates on where your shipment is located at any point during transit. This allows you the ability to keep yourself or others updated on the shipment status.

To learn more about how we can make your life easier and save your company time and money, contact NJH Transportation Logistics today. We look forward to talking to you.