Freight Audit

Our priority is to save you money in any way possible

The experienced team at NJH Transportation Logistics Inc. is responsible for auditing every carrier invoice and all of its accompanying documentation. NJH checks that each invoice number, G/L code, and BOL are accurate, ensuring the correct party is invoiced. The auditing service NJH provides can improve your company’s efficiency and profitability by helping settle any inaccuracies and discrepancies.

Shipping Rate Guarantee

NJH will guarantee that each shipment is being rated according to the negotiated terms and conditions, and that surcharges are being applied correctly. NJH will advise the applicable carrier(s) when invoices do not match the negotiated terms and conditions on behalf of the client, processing such carrier invoices as “DO NOT PAY”. We will also ensure the NMFC Freight Classification is correct on all cross-border shipments reducing any transportation delays.

NJH’s Audit Savings are always 100 per cent in favour of the client and will save you money, allowing you to gain the competitive edge in the market.

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