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Decades of Experience - Big Cost Savings

With 80 years of combined Transportation experience, NJH is a full service transportation logistics and management company whose primary focus is to provide reliable and cost effective transportation solutions. NJH Transportation Logistics and management can show you an immediate and dramatic reduction in the overall cost of your freight ship, logistics and transportation, from reduced freight costs, timely scheduling, freight bill auditing and filing claims.

Results Driven Solutions

When distribution is critical to sustained profitability, NJH Transportation Logistics and management provides the most "results driven" solutions. Speak to our highly specialized supply chain solution experts today!

Transportation via truck, rail, and sea.

Freight Management

  • Monthly reports analyzing freight costs and shipping patterns
  • Carrier quotation preparation
  • RFP preparation including analysis, quote comparisons, rate negotiations and more
  • Tracking of inbound and outbound supply chain
  • Transportation Routing Guide
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Freight Audit

  • Ensure lowest costs are obtained for each shipment
  • Invoice review to ensure accuracy
  • G/L code each carrier invoice
  • Ensure negotiated rates and terms are adhered to
  • Ensure NMFC rate classification is correct
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Freight Bill Payment

  • Electronic invoicing
  • Invoice auditing for accuracy
  • Payer verification
  • Batching and reports according to your schedule
  • Request for funds and payment processing handled by us on your behalf

NJH Advantages

  • Services and Rates Customized to Your Needs
    EDI Capable Proprietary Software
    Carrier Rate Negotiation
    Dispute Settlement

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Specialized Services

NJH thrives on providing individual transportation
solutions, exceeding the expectations of its customers.

  • Intra US LTL and FTL Operations
  • Dedicated Expedite and Same-day Services
  • Air Cargo & Courier Shipments
  • More
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Company Background

For more than two decades NJH has made servicing its customers a priority. With a team of over 80 years combined experience in Freight Management, this industry is what NJH knows best. NJH prides on giving each individual client custom service that meets their needs.

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