Freight Management

Improve Efficiency, Enhance Productivity, Increase Responsiveness

Placing your day-to day distribution operations in the hands of transportation experts can provide your business with an even greater level of control. Your company will be able to focus more on improving efficiency, enhancing productivity and increase your responsiveness to customers. NJH Transportation Logistics Inc. minimizes these problems by managing your freight logistics, letting you concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Supply Chain Management

Inbound and outbound supply chain management will be tracked on a daily basis and in an unbiased, professional manner. NJH will put together a Transportation Routing Guide based on your specific needs helping your company meet your customer's delivery deadlines. NJH allows you to accommodate your customers with a stronger, more consistent level of service.

Monthly Reports

Freight costs and shipping patterns are presented in a clear and accurate monthly report. These reports will make it easy for you to make smart supply chain decisions for the following week, month or year.

Let us Handle Your Request for Proposals

NJH will additionally handle your Request for Proposals, analyzing and comparing quotes. The carrier relationships NJH has built over the years guarantees the best rates will be negotiated for your company.

Freight management should be about peace of mind - NJH can make sure your shipment arrives on time as expected, while also providing you with the necessary reports to help manage your future shipments.

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