NJH Transportation Logistics and Management

NJH Transportation Logistics and management provides you with a single source for freight shipping transportation management and all support services. NJH will help you gain that competitive edge in your business by providing supply chain solutions designed for your business, and managed by a single source.

With 80 years of combined Transportation experience, NJH is a full service transportation logistics and management company whose primary focus is to provide reliable and cost effective transportation solutions. NJH Transportation Logistics and management can show you an immediate and dramatic reduction in the overall cost of your freight ship, logistics and transportion, from reduced freight costs, timely scheduling, freight bill auditing and filing claims.

When distribution is critical to sustained profitability, NJH Transportation Logistics and management provides the most "results driven" solutions. Speak to our highly specialized supply chain solution experts today!



Freight Logistics Services

Freight Logistics and Transport Services

frieght management
NJH will put together comprehensive monthly reports making your freight costs and shipping patterns very clear. These reports will make it easier for ...

Freight Audit

frieght audit
NJH will make sure that you are always being assessed on the lowest reasonable cost on all shipments. The team at NJH have experienced auditors checki...

Freight Bill Payment

bill payment
You will never have to go through the headache of dealing with bill payment from now on. NJH will receive all of your invoices electronically and audi...