Freight Bill Payment

You will never have to go through the headache of dealing with bill payment from now on.

NJH Transportation Logistics Inc. will receive all of your invoices electronically and audit them for accuracy. All carrier inquiries concerning payments, past dues and reductions are handled directly by NJH.

NJH Freight Payment Reports provide all account breakdowns and a complete audit trail of funds dispersed. In addition, carrier invoices are included with the reports so that you can see your savings up front. From there you will be issued a request for funds along with the required back up sent electronically to you. When funds are received, NJH immediately issues payments to all of the carriers.

Batching and reports are issued in a schedule that is pre-approved by the client and only one full payment for that period is necessary.

What does this mean? All of your freight invoices for that period can be paid for at once. 




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